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About Pressgrade

Discover the best, most reliable articles for any news story

In today’s information-driven world, we’re bombarded with news from all directions. With no shortage of news sources, we’re left wondering whether the news we read is completely reliable. Everyone seems to put a different spin on any given news story. Facts are contradictory, writers have agendas, and information often seems slanted toward one side of the issue. How do you know what to trust? Pressgrade was developed to sort through everything for you and provide news you can rely on.

Pressgrade is a news-ranking platform that provides the most balanced, relevant, and accurate news stories. Pressgrade gathers, categorizes, and groups the news from diverse sources all over the world and ranks them based on reliability. With Pressgrade, you can quickly and easily see what news stories are making headlines and find the best sources for any story that interests you.

When you search for any news topic, Pressgrade displays several articles from different sources and prioritizes them based on their “grade” relative to other articles that cover the same topic. Our computer-generated grading process factors in newsworthiness, freshness, author/source credibility, and user rankings and reviews. With grades assigned to every article, you can easily sort through headlines to find the most reliable articles. Finally, you can get the credible news you deserve.

What separates Pressgrade from other news aggregators is our process for determining which articles are the best sources for any news topic. By “grading” articles consistently and accurately and allowing you to vote on any article you read, Pressgrade provides news with unmatched efficiency and objectivity.

By working together, we can make perfect news possible. To learn more about us, including how to get started, you can read our Help page.