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Pressgrade Help Center

    • Pressgrade is a community-supported platform that provides accurate news in the most efficient way possible. Simply search any news topic you are interested in, and Pressgrade will use an algorithm to determine which news stories are displayed along with their rankings. Unlike other news aggregates, Pressgrade factors in your input by allowing you to vote on articles based on the following criteria:

      • Balanced (unbiased): All sides of the issue are represented equally and fairly and display no favoritism or slant toward any side.

      • Relevant (newsworthy): Stories are relevant and worth publishing if they have timeliness, proximity, widespread impact, human interest or emotional appeal, and uniqueness.

      • Accurate (reliable): Stories are considered accurate if every fact can be verified. Stories are reliable if they are thorough, accurate, credible, unbiased, and newsworthy.

    • Pressgrade allows you to vote on how balanced, relevant, and accurate any given article is. Each article is given a “grade” based on user input, including user-assigned flags, popularity, total discussions and comments, and votes. The higher the grade, the more reliable the article.

      To help eliminate unrelated, irrelevant, biased, or “spammy” feedback, users cannot vote or comment until they have registered with Pressgrade and have read the news article.

    • Pressgrade delivers news stories from hundreds of diverse sources from around the world, including major news publications, news agencies, and newswires.

    • There are two ways you can search for an article.

      • Topic or keyword:

        Type in a keyword or topic in the search bar, located at the top of any page. Pressgrade will search through all articles by article title and body. The search results will display all categories. Click on the category that interests you. The top news topics in that category will be displayed.

      • Category:

        You can also search by clicking on any category in the homepage sidebar. The top news topics in that category will be displayed. You can sort the results by Trending (popularity), Discussed (number of discussions and comments), or Controversial (number of flags).

        From your search results, click on any news topic to access all news stories covering that topic. Stories will be prioritized according to their “grade,” and each story will display a ranking, source/publication, number of votes, number of comments, and newswire or agency credit, if applicable. You can then click on the article you want to read. The article will be conveniently displayed on the page.

    • To vote on any article, you must sign in to your account. If you do not have an account, you can register for one for free on any page. Next, you must open and read the news article. This helps ensure that votes are accurate and reliable.

      To vote, simply click on the up or down arrow located at the left of an article. The up arrow indicates that the article is reliable, newsworthy, and relevant, while the down arrow indicates the opposite. To complete the voting process, click the Submit Vote button at the bottom of the form. The article’s vote counter will update immediately after you vote.

    • Each user is limited to one vote per story and 20 votes per day. This ensures that article ratings remain unbiased and cannot be skewed by any one user.

    • Yes. After voting on an article, you can remove your vote by voting in the opposite direction (either the up or down arrow).

    • No. Pressgrade aims to remain unbiased toward any source or publication. Users may vote on news articles only. However, sources are displayed for each news article accessed on our site.

    • To comment on any article, simply click the Comments button located under the article’s headline. When you are finished, click Submit Comment. The article’s vote counter will update immediately after you vote.

    • Users can flag articles based on factual errors, bias, and other questionable reasons. Click on the Flag button located under an article’s headline. Then select the reason for flagging in the button’s drop-down menu.

    • Users can earn badges based on their participation on our site. You can view any user’s badges to help determine how relevant their feedback is to any particular news article. Learn more about badges to start earning yours now!

    • It’s easy to become part of the Pressgrade community. Just access and fill out our short user registration form from any page. You can also click on Sign In at the top right corner of any page, at which point you will be prompted to either sign in or create an account.

      Once you’re registered as a Pressgrade user, you will be allowed to vote or leave comments on any article you read.

    • If you wish to delete your Pressgrade account, you can find an option to remove your account and user information under your profile Settings. This will not remove your comments or votes on articles posted on our site. If you wish to unsubscribe from our mailing list, simply follow the prompt at the bottom of a Pressgrade email, or email your request directly to

    • We don’t think you should have to pay to access the best news. That’s why it’s free to register as a user on

    • Pressgrade relies on our users for a the best experience possible. If you have any comments or questions, please visit our Feedback page or contact us directly at